Tuition-free Kindergarten


We welcome students from all over the Valley to attend our exceptional FREE full-day kindergarten program! Avondale Elementary School District (AESD) is proud of our students, staff, families and community who choose AESD for their educational needs! Before and after school care, preschool and break camps are provided through our
Community Education Department. 

Arizona Education Code 15-821 states "a child is eligible for admission to kindergarten, if the child reaches the age of five before September 1 of the current school year".

To register a student please bring the following to the school office:

  1. If the last school attended was out of state, provide the school's name, telephone number and address.
  2. If your child was previously enrolled in an Arizona school, provide an official withdrawal from from the last school attended.
  3. Certified State Birth Certificate (military copies are acceptable)
  4. An updated copy of immunization records
  5. Two proofs of residency with name and address of parent/guardian
  • Home rental agreement
  • Home builder contract
  • Mortgage statement(s)
  • Utility bills
  • Any other business type mail that has been mailed to the residence.
  • Certified State Birth certificates can be found at: 

 Why Avondale is The District of Choice:

• Avondale Elementary School District educates over 5,000 children in pre-K – 8th grades. We are passionately committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for all students.

• We offer amazing learning opportunities with a rigorous academic focus, creating readers, writers and problem-solvers.

• As a Kids at Hope district, we believe that all kids are capable of success – no exceptions.

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• Through a grant in partnership with Arizona State University and the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, AESD has implemented the TAP™ System (the System for Teacher and Student Advancement) as a comprehensive reform model to increase teacher effectiveness and enhance student learning.

• Avondale has implemented Common Core Curriculum in grades K-8 - A rigorous content is being taught, practiced and applied by all learners in all of our classrooms.

• Art, music, band, physical exercise, technology and chorus are included in the school day.

• Students can participate in competitive athletics - soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, flag football, track, baseball, and cheer throughout the year.

• Before and after school care, preschool and break camps are provided through our Community Education Department.