Art Walk of Hope Student Artists

Avondale Elementary School District Art Walk of Hope 2014-2015

The talents, gifts and intelligences of our students are on display through visual representations of Kids at Hope. Asked to recognize and use cameras to capture examples of the tenets of Kids at Hope, our community of learners collected approximately 1300 images.

Over 200 photographs are framed and on display in the Avondale Elementary School District Office (295 W. Western Avenue, Avondale, AZ 85323). The Art Walk of Hope is open during regular district office hours and will be on display for the next year. Please feel free to visit and make certain to share this opportunity with others.

Below are just a few of our incredible student artists sharing their inspiration and thoughts.


Anabel Sponsler - Wildflower School

Carmelita Martinez - Michael Anderson School

Damian Sanchez - Eliseo C. Felix School

Destiny Lugo - Avondale Middle School

Dominic Saenz - Desert Thunder School

Janina Katz - Copper Trails School

Maya Camarillo - Lattie Coor School