Computer Programming for All Students

Computer Programming for All Students
Posted on 09/06/2017
Learning to Code
Since 2014, Avondale Elementary School District (AESD) has moved beyond simply using devices in our classes, to learning the fundamentals of computer programming (coding) in every school across all grades K-8.
When we initially implemented our district-wide coding program, we used puzzle-based coding platforms to learn the fundamentals of coding. Since our initial implementation, we now focus on using interest-driven projects to demonstrate depth of understanding in a self-paced coding class. Our approach has gained national recognition in a variety of education media outlets and has been shared at education conferences across the country.
If you want your child to attend an elementary school district in Arizona that teaches all kids how to code through interest-driven projects, you will want to send them to AESD. 
Check out the free, interest-driven, project-based curriculum we utilize: BootUp

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