District Food Service and Cafeteria Contact Numbers

Food & Nutrition Services Staff:

District Office
Linda Sharrett    
Food and Nutrition Services Director
Ph: 623-772-5025
e-mail:  lsharre@avondale.k12.az.us

Autumn Ellertson
Food & Nutrition Services Secretary  -  Free and reduced applications 
Ph:  623-772-5023                                 Student Lunch Account Questions                                                                                   Questions or issues with the
Titan Family Portal e-mail: aellert@avondale.k12.az.us        

Kiela Mincey 
Food & Nutrition Services Secretary -  Purchasing
Ph: 623-772-5024                                Free and reduced applications
e-mail: kmincey@avondale.k12.az.us 

Heather Stetz
Food and Nutrition Specialist - Menu Planning, Nutritional Analysis
Ph:  623-772-5027                     
e-mail:  hstetz@avondale.k12.az.us

Cafeteria School Managers and Clerks

Michael Anderson
Manager: Manuel Lopez
Ph: 623-772-5114    
e-mail: mlopez@avondale.k12.az.us

Clerk: Aleida Favela
Clerk: Cecilia Medrano
Ph: 623-772-5115
e-mail:  afavela1@avondale.k12.az.us 
e-mail:  cmedran@avondale.k12.az.us

Eliseo C. Felix  (Grades 2 - 5)
Manager:  Nora Gonzalez 
Ph: 623-772-4314     
e-mail: ngonzal1@avondale.k12.az.us  

Clerk: Veronica Martinez  
Ph: 623-772-4315
e-mail: vmartin@avondale.k12.az.us


Avondale Middle School   (Grades 6 - 8)
Manager: Donna Oliver
Ph: 623-772-4514    
e-mail: doliver@avondale.k12.az.us 

Clerk: Laura Peraza
Ph: 623-772-4515
e-mail: lperaza@avondale.k12.az.us


Lattie Coor    (grades PreK - 1)  
Manager/:  Olga De La Paz   
Ph: 623-772-4414      
e-mail: odelapa@avondale.k12.az.us

Clerk: Olga De La Paz
Ph: 623-772-4415
e-mail: odelapa@avondale.k12.az.us


Manager: Olivia Guzman
Ph: 623-772-5214    

Clerk: Brenda Barraza
Ph: 623-772-5215  
e-mail: bbarraz@avondale.k12.az.us


Desert Star
Manager: Bertha Figueroa   
Ph: 623-772-4614     

Clerk:  Christina Shumway
Ph: 623-772-4615     
e-mail: cshumwa@avondale.k12.az.us


Desert Thunder     
Manager: Kimberly Caparoula
Ph: 623-772-4714 
e-mail: kcaparo@avondale.k12.az.us

Clerk: Nomeli Serrato   
Ph: 623-772-4715     


Centerra Mirage
Manager: Monica Rodriguez
Ph: 623-772-4814 
e-mail: frodrig@avondale.k12.az.us 

Clerk:  Araceli Duarte
Ph:  623-772-4815
e-mail: aduarte@avondale.k12.az.us


Copper Trails       
Manager: Anna Ceja     
Ph: 623-772-4114         
e-mail: aceja@avondale.k12.az.us

Clerk: Danielle Foley
Ph: 623-772-4115     
e-mail: dfoley@avondale.k12.az.us