STAR Academy



Ms. Austine Etcheverry

STAR Academy Secretary
Zaidy Roserio De Cotton

Clinical Support Staff
Dr. Alice Parker - Clinical Psychologist
Stacey Gandy - Clinical Social Worker

Program Description
STAR Academy is an Emotionally Disability Private Placement.  STAR Academy provides services for students from the Avondale, Fowler, and Union Elementary School Districts who are diagnosed with an Emotional Disability and have the service level of an ED/P.  Students are placed into the program at STAR Academy through the IEP process.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Alex Shabazz

3rd-5th Grade
Ms. Joan Lenard

5th-8th Grade Middle School Team
ELA - Ms. Abby Carr
Math - Ms. Terry Leon
Social Studies - Ms. Crystal Hernandez
Science - Mrs. Ann Marie Sand
Social Skills - Mr. Jeremy Felder

6th-8th Grade Middle School Team
English Language Arts and Social Studies - Ms. Abby Carr
Math and Science - Mrs. Ann Marie Sand

5th-8th Grade Transitional Classroom
Ms. Terry Leon and Mr. Jeremy Fielder

One of the unique components of the alternative education program is the support provided to students and their families by the clinical staff.  The staff works comprehensively with all of the programs at STAR Academy.

Services Provided
Standards-based Academic Classes
Psychoeducational Evaluations
Parenting Strategies Classes
Classroom, Small Group and Individual Counseling
Gang Awareness
2nd Step - Bully Prevention