IEP Processes/Roles

Information for Parents

Who is the IEP Team?
The IEP (Individualized Education Program) Team is a group of
individuals, primarily school personnel, service providers, and you,
the parent(s), that are responsible for making all special education
decisions.  The IEP Team is responsible for determining eligibility
for special education, developing, reviewing, or revising the IEP, and
placement. When you attend a Disposition of Referral meeting (and
any other meeting), you are participating as a member of the IEP Team.  
Your voice is important.  

You are an important IEP Team member because you play a crucial role
in the education of your child.  You will be with your child throughout
the education process.  You know:  
  - Your child’s unique characteristics, strengths, needs, learning style
  and what motivates him/her  
  - Important historical information about your child, including
  family, medical and developmental history
  - What has and has not worked in the past to help your child

What is the IEP?

The Individualized Educational Program (IEP) is the written document
that describes the special educational services that your child will receive. 
The IEP should be written clearly so that you and your child’s
teachers/service providers understand the goals and services to be
provided to your child. 
The IEP includes measurable annual goals and short-term objectives or
benchmarks.  You may find these objectives helpful in understanding
and monitoring your child’s progress.  The IEP also states how your
child’s progress will be measured and how and when you will be
informed of your child’s progress. 
*If you disagree with the IEP, you may ask for another meeting, agree
with exceptions, request mediation, a neutral conference or a due
process hearing.