Websites on Parenting the Gifted

Support for the Gifted and Talented Youth in Arizona
Hoagie's Gifted Education Page
This is a great site for parents and students alike.
Parenting strategies to motivate underachieving gifted students
A place on the web to find information and activities in all content areas.  Links for parents, students, and teachers.
Arizona Department of Education: Gifted
Learn about your child's legal rights in the State of Arizona
This association provides information on giftedness to parents and teachers. Parents may also find resources for support groups and materials to help in raising a gifted child.
Online support for gifted and talented individuals and those who support them
Uniquely Gifted
A comprehensive list of resources for parents of dual-diagnosed gifted children
A collection of Parenting articles for parents of gifted children
Susan Winebrenner
Information on underachievement,
dual-diagnosis, cluster classrooms and gifted students with learning disabilities.  List of links for parents of gifted.
Pre-K Smarties
This website offers information in raising gifted infants and preschoolers.
Advisory Committee on Gifted and Talented
From the state of Rhode Island, a site with general information about gifted children; links to sites that contain issues unique to the highly gifted.
Gifted Resources
Organizations, competitions, etc.
Parenting Gifted Children
General information, book lists and additional web site resources for parents
Understanding What Giftedness Is and What It Is Not
Dr. James Delisle
Gifted Children Information Blog
Read helpful information about teaching and parenting gifted children, ask questions, and join in the discussion.
Parenting of Gifted K - 6 Children
The Learning Network
Website containing information about raising children with specific news areas relating to gifted children. Offers expert advice, message boards, and newsletters.
Northwestern University's Center for Talent and Development
Helps parents gain access to resources on gifted education.  Families can make more effective choices about their children's education.

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children
The NFGCC is a non-profit, non-sectatian organization.  The foundation's main goal is to get much needed information to the parents of gifted children.
American Association of Gifted Children
The nation's oldest advocacy organization for gifted children.
National Research Center on Gifted and Talented
Directed by Dr. Joseph Renzuilli
Child Development Institute
Genius Denied Web Page Gifted Students and Underachievement
Helping Gifted Students With Stress  Management
Improving Your Child's Thinking Skills

Tips for Parents: Freeing our Families from Perfectionism