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Avondale Computer Science

 The resources below are legacy links from the previous curriculum.  Some of the links may be useful for Digital Citizenship or computer use lessons.

Cyber Tree House:
Explore the digital world of computers and the Internet and learn how to be a safe cyber kid.(This takes a while to load.)
Read Write Think
A variety of lessons on Internet safety
Safety Land:
help Captain BroadBand find the nasty character that is sending emails etc.
Get Your Web License:
Take this "Rules of the Road" test to earn your official PBS Kids Web license!

Privacy Playground:

Shows kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators. (Ages 8-10)

Cybersense and Nonsense:

Activity 2 authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette. (Ages 9-12)

Allies and Aliens:

Helps students recognize bias, prejudice and hate propaganda on the Internet and in other media (Grades 7-8)

Growing with Technology:

Activities for a variety of grade levels K-5.

Internet Superheroes:

Touches on Cyberbulying & the Internet.

Chat Danger:

Find out the dangers of chat and how to protect yourself.

Stop Text Bully:

Designed to help you understand and prevent text bullying.

KidSmart games:

Interactive games and quizzes on Chat and surfing safely.

Childnet International:

A non-profit organization that is working to help make the Internet safe for children.
Attorney General Terry Goddard's Internet Safety Page: Links on Internet safety are provided by grade level.
NetSmartz: Internet safety for all.
NetSmartzKids: Investigate the activities for kids on NetSmartzKids
Internet safety at a teen level
NetSmartz Online and Offline Activities:
Activities to teach children what to watch out for online.
Internet safety program
GetNetWise: Helping educate about how to use the Internet safely.
Internet Safety Month Activities- April
Activities for younger students including videos that can be used all year long.
resources for students, parents and educators
iKeepSafe Videos:
Video ads on Internet safety
Faux Paw Movie:
A video from iKeepSafe
Faux Paw PowerPoint:
A PowerPoint from iKeepSafe
Internet Safety Jeopardy:
A Jeopardy PPT
Internet Safety Ideas:
Ideas from a teacher on teaching INternet safety each month.
Internet safety and civility
Disney Online Safety:
Advice on how to keep your child safe on the internet
Internet safety tips for kids and parents
Information about Cyberbullying, Flaming and Cyberstalking, for Kids, Tweens, Teens, Parents, Educators and Law Enforcement
Internet safety for teens
Videos on Internet safety
K-12: Free to educators, the CyberSmart! Student Curriculum empowers students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.
National CyberSecurity Alliance tips etc.
Media Awareness Network:
Flash Games
Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
Take McGruff's advice and don't forget to play Shrink the Cyberbully.
Don't Believe the Type:
The Internet is an amazing resources, but you also need to know the dangers.
Think Before You Post:
Things to think about and be aware of regarding dangers.
National Crime Prevention Council:
Resources for teachers and parents
Online Safety Quiz:
Show that you know how to be a safe Internet surfer.
3 minutes to better FaceBook Security:
Video demonstration
MySpace Settings: More Secure in 4 Minutes Online demonstration
Copyright and Ethics

Societal, Ethical Issues:

Computer/Technology skills activities and posters.

Cyberethics for Kids

Find out if you are a good Cybercitizen, rules in Cyberspace, and the trouble you can get in for hacking.

Copyright with Cyberbee:

Interactive explaining the 10 Big Myths of copyright.

Copyright Kids:

Find out more information on copyright.
Typing Practice

Touch Typing:

Free Program that lets you exercise and learn Touch Typing.

Power Typing:

Typing lessons and games.

Type Online:

Typing lessons and speed practice .

Free Typing:

Typing lessons, games and tests .

Typing Test:

Typing test of typing skills.

Learn to Type:

Typing practice.
Keyboard practice:
Type the letters as they appear.
E-Learning For Kids:
Keyboarding skill practice
Typing of the Ghost:
Word typing practice for speed
Squigly's Games:
Typing games
Super Hyper Spider Typer:
Typing practice at three different levels
Crazy Kids Typing
Typing practice in speed rounds
Dance Mat Typing
Learn to type - Four levels
Mouse Skills


Practice mouse skills with your students.

Monroe County Mouse Aerobics:

Learn how to use the mouse.
Label the Computer

Label the computer:

Drag the terms to label the computer parts.

Technology Terms:

Match computer parts and the vocabulary term.
Computer Basics:
McMillan has basic lessons for the computer from parts to presentations and word processing.
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