Thanksgiving Resources

Think Projectors and SmartBoards...Don't forget to look at UnitedStreaming!

Investigating the First Thanksgiving: An interactive where you are the historian. This is a must see!!! Use a projector or interactive whiteboard, introduce the site, then assign students to complete the investigation with a partner or in small groups. Thanksgiving Day Vocabulary: Interactive puzzles to challenge your students and develop November vocabulary
Turkey Match Game: A memory game for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Math Worksheets: Comparing, ordering, multiplying and adding
State Your Case: Persuasive essay- A Turkey's Last Plea Give Thanks: Writing worksheet template.
Running Wild: Mad libs fill in the parts of speech Mad Lib Word Search 1:
Word Search 2:
Word Search 3: Online interactive Thanksgiving word search
The First Thanksgiving : An interactive which allows you to explore the Mayflower voyage, their daily lives and the Thanksgiving feast. Take your students back to the 1600s! Use the comparing and contrasting activities to help their students understand the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags.
Lesson by Grade level

History of Thanksgiving: The History Channel provides history, audio interviews and videos on the history of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Note: this site "pauses" before opening. Be patient.

Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle: Online interactive jigsaw puzzle. What Do You Know?: An interactive Thanksgiving quiz
Plimouth Plantation: Tke a virtual tour, learn the history and investigate the first Thanksgiving Thanksgiving History Quiz: An interactive Thanksgiving quiz
Thanksgiving Meal: Scrambled Thanksgiving meal words Thanksgiving Crossword: Interactive crossword puzzle
Thanksgiving in the USA: An Interactive English Language Study Quiz for ESL & all learners about Thanksgiving. The First Thanksgiving in America: An Interactive English Language Study Quiz for ESL & all learners about Thanksgiving.
How Thanksgiving Becomes a National Holiday in the USA: An Interactive English Language Study Quiz for ESL & all learners about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Timeline: American Memory timeline of Thanksgiving 1541-2001
Eduplace: a wealth of activities
Thanksgiving and Pilgrims
: a collection of websites
Thanksgiving printables, story starters etc. The first 50 activities are free.
The Pilgrim's Journey: A webquest asks students to research The Mayflower, write a journal and create a final project. Word Problems: Subtraction word problems created by students for K-2 Graders.
Silly Turkey: A Starfall activity to dress and color the turkey. The First Thanksgiving: PowerPoint Presentation with vocal.
The All American Turkey Assignment: Technology tasks in a PPT possibly for computer lab creation. Hubbard's Cupboard: Songs, poems story ideas for PK-K
Turkey Slide Puzzle: Interactive puzzle to challenge your students. America Celebrates Thanksgiving: Read Write Think lesson ideas
Happy Thanksgiving: Billy Bear's activities for Thanksgiving. Includes printables & interactives The Holiday Spot: Jokes, activities, crafts, and quiz fun.

Writing Prompts: by grade level
Daily Prompts: for November
Writing Bugs: by month

Thanksgiving Studies: with interactive activities with text boxes, a powerpoint with UnitedStreaming videos embedded(ASD teachers - if you want this with animated videos embedded, email me)
Thanksgiving story: rebus Pilgrims and America's First Thanksgiving