Physical/Health Education

PE/Health Sites

PE Resources -Primary Resources
A variety of activity ideas for PE teachers.
PE Warm-up and Cool-down Activities
A variety of great ideas for warm-ups and cool-downs
Interactives for younger students
Body and Mind
Health activities and games
Interactive sites

Human Body:

Students drag and drop organs that belong in a particular body system to Arnold's body.

Sports Media:

A site providing lesson plans, tips, drills, activities and other teaching aids for the physical education teacher.

Kids Health:

There are articles, animations, games, and resources - developed by experts in the health of children and teens.


Provides health information and education services.

Body and Mind

Create your own activity calendar; take a personality quiz; learn survival skills; become a Disease Detective etc. (K-6)


Links to sites about the various body systems  (K-8)


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Facts about toxic substances and the environment; The Bike Hub; food safety coloring book; Global health Odyssey; and more (K-6)

Sara's Quest

Game about effects of drugs on their brain and body.

USDA Food and Nutrition

United States Department of Agriculture web site on nutrition; resources on dietary guidelines; food pyramids; recipes for healthy eating  (K-12)

Nutrition and Food

Links to web sites for nutrition and food   (K-12)


Explore the heart and how it works in text and enrichment activities.   (3-8)

A Guided Tour of the Visible Human

Cross-sectional human anatomy, animated plane sections, and annotated interactive tours of the human body (8-12)


A ThinkQuest interactive tour of the human body   (K-6)

Inner Body

Animations,  graphics, and descriptive links   (3-12)

Science & Nature: The HUman Body & Mind

Multiple interactive informational activities and resources  (K-12)


Online interactive quizzes about the various systems of the body   (7-12)

This is the premier Web site for health and physical education teachers, parents, and students. Our goal is to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth. We encourage you to submit your own lesson ideas which are reviewed by our editorial team. Information about who we are and our awards and honors are available.
This site is packed with fun activities, all designed to motivate people to eat more fruits and vegetables and be physically active. Start exploring the site to find out more about what you can do to stay healthy and fit! 
Activities and information related to National Nutrition Month, which is in March.
Information about heart disease and prevention, including real life survival stories.
This is a list of various web-based resources providing relaxation techniques, as well as ways to deal with stress.


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