Music Sites 
Classics for Kids: Lessons and Resources to help you use classical music as part of your daily classroom activities.
Sing Along Midis and Lyrics
A variety of songs and lyrics you can play for students.
Soul Learning
Styles of soul music
Music Education
Musical instruments with sound, this day in music history, learn to read music and ask a music question.
Today in Music History
Find out what happened in music history today.
San Francisco Symphony Kids
Have fun with music at the San Francisco Symphony for Kids website.  Tune into the radio and enjoy the orchestra.  You can listen to Bach, Mahler, Rouse and Tchaikovsky.  Discover how each instrument plays a part in giving the orchestra its complete sound.  The Music Lab is the place to learn to find pitch, rhythm and tempo, and the Performalator helps you perform six familiar songs.
New York Philharmonic Kidzone
A Flash-based site that incorporates various sections: Musician's Lounge, Composers' Gallery, Instrument Storage Room, Instrument Laboratory, Conductor/Soloist Dressing Rooms, Newsstand, Games, and  Composer's Workshop. Your students, get to experiment with interactive instruments, compose music, create instruments online or for-real offliine, as well as find out about composers and musicians.
Grade Level:  All Grade Levels
Content Area:  Music
Music Theory
Musictheory.net is an interactive website with music theory tutorials for students and teachers.  Lesson topics include: staff, clef, and ledger lines; note duration; measure and time signatures; rest duration; dots and ties; simple and compound meter; odd meter; steps and accidentals and more. A chord calculator, staff paper generator, and matrix generator are available for online use. You can download the stand-alone version of the trainers and utilities. There is also a forum for sharing information and asking questions. 
Grade Level:  Early Childhood-High School
Content Area: Music    Note: Flash intensive
Classical Music Web
Provides links to thousands of classical music websites.
Arts Edge- Perfect Pitch
Get to know the instruments, seating chatrs, musicians of baroque, classical, modern and romantic. Make music and answer questions.
Art of the States
A collection of performances and recordings of a wide range of music from across the United States.
Social Studies Songs
Songs to incorporate with the Social Studies curriculum.
Math Songs
Songs to incorporate with the Math curriculum in algebra, geometry and basic math.
Virtual Keyboard
Online keyboard for use with a SmartBoard
Virtual Music
Click on the notes to hear them played.
Royalty Free Music
For possible use in garage band
Creating Music
A children's online creative music environment to composemusic, play with musical performance, music games and puzzles.
Rhythm, Symbols & Music
A Jeopardy PPT
Toy Theater
Music composing for young children
Music Links
A variety of links for the elementary students in music
Drum Machine
Create music with various drums
Music and lyrics for kids.
Music Tech Teacher
A great resource for the music teacher

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