National Board Certification

Every student deserves to be taught by an accomplished teacher

National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education.Created by teachers, for teachers, the National Board Standards represent a consensus among educators about what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.

More than 112,000 teachers across the United States have achieved Board certification. Arizona currently has 1,213 National Board Certified Teachers.

Avondale has been selected to participate in the Network To Transform Teaching (NT3) Grant through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards for the 2017-2018 school year. This grant if focused on engaging teachers in the major work of the National Boards in order to support more teacher pursuing the process. Avondale is excited to use this funding to support our 25 National Board Candidates, and to build a system of support for those candidates using Avondale’s National Board Certified Teachers.

Interested in finding out more about the Avondale Elementary NB support program? Please contact Misha Freeman at mfreema@avondale.k12.az.us or at 623-734-8115.

Find out more about Arizona’s National Board Certified Teachers here

Avondale's National Board Certified Teachers

Avondale is currently home to 9 National Board Certified Teachers.

Jennifer Albertson

Desert Star - Master Teacher

Early Childhood-Generalist 2009

Cassandra Carter

Eliseo C. Felix - Master Teacher

Middle Childhood Generalist - 2011

Tonya Carter

Avondale Middle School - 8th Grade Social Studies

Early Adolescence Social Studies-History 2008
Renewed 2017

Stacy Dobbins

Desert Star - Master Teacher

Middle Childhood Generalist - 2012

Misha Freeman

Academic Services - PD Coordinator

Early Adolescent Mathematics - 2010

Jeannie Grochocki

Desert Thunder - Master Teacher

Early Childhood-Generalist 2013

Laura Hershberger

Copper Trails - Master Teacher

Early Childhood-Generalist 2011

Yara Katz

Copper Trails - 3rd grade Teacher

Early Childhood-Generalist 2012

Briselda Porras

Lattie Coor - Kindergarten Teacher

Early Childhood-Generalist 2009

Avondale's National Board Candidates

Avondale is excited to announce that we currently have 23 teachers district wide who will be in the process for the 2017-2018 school year! See below who our candidates are and why they are pursuing National Board Certification. 

Abby Carr

STAR Academy

5th - 8th grade English Language Arts

I chose to pursue National Board so that I can be the best educator for my students; not only to ensure student success and mastery of content in the classroom, but to grow lifelong learners and encourage continually working and reflecting in order to be the successful members of society.

I also chose to pursue National Board to challenge myself in order to become a master at the art of teaching.

Cindy Orduño

Centerra Mirage STEM Academy

3rd grade Teacher

I choose to pursue National Board Certification because I'm feeling stagnant and trying to break out of that.

Jennifer Smith

Eliseo C. Felix

2nd grade Teacher & Mentor Teacher

I decided to pursue NBCT for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the desire to refine my educational practice thereby impacting my students' success. I firmly believe that at my campus, the students deserve educators that expect excellence of themselves, hold high expectations for students, and are models of continuous learning. It is my hope too that as I improve my instructional skills there will be additional opportunities for me to impart knowledge to those in the profession. This journey also comes at an interesting time in my life...I am coming up on three decades as an educator in Arizona. But, I have found I still have a great passion and energy for what I do. I am excited to be a part of this endeavor with the supportive Avondale Elementary School District community!

Rubel Jeremy Rubel

Copper Trails

Master Teacher

Push myself professionally and to reflect upon my practice to better choose an area of focus for my PhD studies.

Katelyn Orloski


Master Teacher

Reflect on my craft

Katie Peters

Desert Thunder

4th grade Teacher

To further my education

Michelle Sanchez

Desert Thunder

Kindergarten Teacher

Ready for the next challenge!

nicole wolff

Nicole Wolff

Desert Thunder

Master Teacher

I want to learn to effectively explain the "why" behind what I do. I also really want to challenge myself professionally and intellectually.

Peggy Osborne

Centerra Mirage STEM Academy

7th & 8th grade Science/Social Studies Teacher

To strengthen my teaching skills.

Remy Clermont

Desert Thunder

Kindergarten Teacher

I would like to perfect my teaching and be taken seriously by my admin.

Renee Morehead


Kindergarten Teacher

To become a better teacher, being able to reflect on my teaching, know what I am teaching, why and the effect of it.

Samantha Baysinger

Michael Anderson

3rd grade Teacher

To further my knowledge of teaching and better support the teachers I mentor and the students I teach!

Shanta Gokool

Lattie Coor

1st grade Teacher

To broaden my knowledge in my practice. To be able to understand and differentiate, reflect and modifying my teaching and to promote student achievement .

Tracey DeBuff


7th & 8th grade Math Teacher

I chose to pursue NBCT Certification to increase my awareness of what my students' needs are in order to help them be more success. I also hope to learn and reflect on where my own craft can grow.