Federal Programs

Welcome to Federal Programs & English Acquisition Services

The Academic Services Department (Federal & English Acquisition) works hand in hand with students, parents, staff, and community members to provide educational services aligned with student needs and state, federal, and district guidelines. The services available are extensive,  and can  be focused and targeted to meet students' individualized needs to ensure high academic achievement and student success for years to come. With diverse populations and varying students in ALL our schools, we must be able to provide students with opportunities to experience focused, outlined, and rich instruction to better prepare students for a brighter future. This is why the Federal and English Acquisition Services Department consolidates ALL Federal Programs efforts to help, implement, and monitor data-driven programs that have one goal, "STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT!"

The staff of the Academic Services Department (Federal Programs & English Acquisition) invites you to become involved in our Avondale Elementary School District's Learning Community by volunteering your services in our schools. Call and ask a department representative at the number listed below to discover how you can become a part of our Avondale Elementary School District No. 44 learning community.

Current Federal Programs include the following:
  • Title I
  • Title II
  • Title III
  • Compensatory Education
  • 21st Century Grants
  • Migrant Education Program
  • School Improvement Grant (SIG)
  • The McKinney Vento
    Virtual Training