AZMERIT State Test

AZMERIT State Assessment

In the Spring of 2015, students in grades 3rd-11th participated in the new state assessment, AzMERIT, which determines how students are learning based on Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. AzMERIT and AIMS cannot be compared, and the results will look different. Statewide, scores on the AzMERITare expected due to the newness of the assessment and higher academic expectations with the current standards, which ultimately is a good thing for the students of Arizona. 

This decrease is not a reflection of students' learning or the quality of their education. With new standards and a new assessment, we need to redefine our expectations. AzMERIT scores are expected to increase over time, and more rigorous standards mean our students will be better prepared than ever to enter into an increasingly competitive world upon graduation.

Avondale is committed to providing a quality education for our students. We have implemented new curriculum programs aligned to Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards, and continue to utilize classroom technologies to ensure our students have regular exposure to digital curriculum and assessments.

Here is some more information about AzMERIT.

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