Student Achievement & Assessment

Student Achievement Assessment Coordinator
Michele Anderson

As a support for data driven decision making Avondale Elementary School District has employed a Student Achievement Assessment Coordinator. The goal of this position is to analyze testing data to provide meaningful data to teachers and administrators to help develop effective and efficient educational programs to promote student achievement.

This position is also key in the coordination of state and district assessments, which included quarterly performance based math and reading benchmarks, DIBELS, and State Testing.

Please contact Michele Anderson, the Student Achievement Assessment Coordinator with any questions or concerns.  

Contact:  623-772-5053

Assessment Calendar

State Assessment
Information on AzMERIT

The Arizona Department of Education has decided on a new state assessment, AzMERIT, to measure student performance on Arizona College and Career Standards. To find out more information about about the AzMerit please click on the link. AzMERIT  There are many resources available and practice items. 

Students in grades 3-8th grade will take the assessment online with the use of computers and iPads. Students in 4th and 8th grade will be taking the AIMS Science.

The testing window is March 26th - May 3rd. Closer to testing school sites will determine the testing window. Students will test anywhere from 3-5 days during the window. 

MOWR (Move On When Reading)
Students in the 3rd grade must meet the requirements of the Move on When Reading law. This is determined through the AzMERIT state assessment at the end of 3rd grade. For more information please click on this link.  Move on When Reading  

District Assessments

Avondale is currently using the assessment system Galileo for formative and summative assessments in all subjects. Teachers are able to create mini assessments to check how students are mastering the standards throughout the year. Students are taking these assessments online in order to prepare them for the state assessment online. 

Avondale uses DIBELS to measure growth in reading for students in grades Kinder-3rd grade. Students are tested 3 times a year at the district level and progress monitored by teachers throughout the year. Students are tested in the following measures: First Sound Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, Phonemic Sound Fluency, Oral Reading Fluency, and the DAZE. 

Standards-Based Report Cards for Grades K-5

Parents, Teachers and Administrators: 
Our school district utilizes a standard based report card that provides more information about what your students know, understand, and can do. This report card is the result of work done by a committee of teachers, and administrators who wished to improve communication about how students are achieving on the standards. The report card is aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standards and has been designed to give the maximum amount of information in a clear format. The report card shows how well students are progressing at meeting state standards. It is federal law that we must teach, assess and report progress by standards. 

The Kindergarten through 5th grade report card proficiency scale will be updated to align to the AzMerit State Assessment.  The new proficiency scale on the K-5 report cards will be:

HP = Highly Proficient/Altamente Competente P = Proficient/Competente PP = Partially Proficient/Parcialmente Competente MP = Minimally Proficient/Mínimamente Competente NG = Not yet assessed/Aún no evaluado

Parents: Each school has a a Curriculum/ Open House Night in August to explain the report cards in more detail. If there are any other questions, please contact your student's teacher or building principal. 
Common Core Standards Video Explanation