About Kids at Hope

Believed and Practiced

Kids at Hope Philosophy…

            All children are capable of success - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Kids at hope is about seeing children at hope rather than at risk.  It is about taking the best research we have about children and translating it into a simple but powerful strategy designed to help children succeed.  It is about cultures not about programs.  Most importantly, it is about a culture that supports its children through action, consistency, and inclusiveness.

Every adult who works in Avondale Elementary School District is expected to be a Treasure Hunter and make the following pledge:


Adult Pledge

As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exist in all children and youth.  I believe that all children are capable of success…no exceptions!

Kids at Hope is a national not for profit organization committed to the success of all children and youth, No Exceptions! For more information about Kids at Hope, you can visit their website at: http://kidsathope.org/