Business Services

The Avondale Elementary School District's Business Services Department oversees all of the district's fiduciary and procurement responsibilities, including:
   Accounts Payable       • Budget Preparation and Oversight
      • Payroll
   Grants Management            
Purchasing                 • Student Activities

Our experienced staff is available to answer your questions and to assist you in any way they can:

Jill Barragan  (623) 772-5000
Executive Director for Business Services     

Barbara DeWall (623) 772-5045
Business Manager 

Pamela Buck-Smith (623) 772-5003
Accounts Payable                                            

Alane Wilcox  (623) 772-5005
Purchasing (quotes/pricing) - Click HERE to go to the Purchasing site

Noemi McWilliams  (623) 772-5011

Terri Sutton (623) 772-5012
Accounts Receivable, Student Activities, Tax Credit, Grants Accounting         

Patricia Bandin (623) 772-5182
Payroll Clerk